Our planet is Being Trashed.

  • Fracking is destroying our water and probably causing earthquakes, 
  • GMO seeds are destroying our ability to feed ourselves. 
  • Roundup and similar chemicals are destroying our bees, our earth and poisoning us by making us eat the poisons that are inbuilt into the GMO seeds.
  • Banks are causing MAJOR disruptions of the monetary and financial systems by creating money from thin air (nothing) and lending it to us at interest. 

We need to connect - so that we can share ideas, events and to support each other.  And thus contribute to Making A Beautiful World.  There is a lovely short video here about Spiritual Networking and Connecting - 

Please join us and add your details (or at least your email address) so we can start on this journey of meeting each other and shining our lights so that others can see where they are going, too. And show people, Governments and Local Councils about Permaculture, ORMUS, Healing and all those other things! 

And this is so new - please suggest things you would like to see here - email clemclarke (at) gmail dot com.

You are encouraged to share your Personal Details. You can then use the SEARCH facility to find people who live near you,  or people with similar interests and connect with them via email or phone.

Also Calendars and Discussion Groups help you plan and keep an eye on Events locally and around the world.  Discussions with others are encouraged through Google Groups.

And you can see many Enlightening Activities either on this website, or at www.EnlighteningActivities.com

Thoughts create things. People and the Universe reflect back to us what we have created. Therefore thinking beautiful thoughts will bring beauty to you.

Namaste (loosely, we are all One and I can see the God in you) - Clem Clarke

Creative Commons Licence, Clement Clarke, email clementclarke (at) ozemail.com.au